Ladep is the world's best deployer for Laravel framework. It's the best way to deploy your Laravel projects. And definitely, Ladep is open source, secure and easy-to-use. Learn more about How It Works.

Open source

Ladep is totally open source software. It lives for the world's best deploy tool of Laravel framework. And, it's licensed under Apache 2.0 License.

Designed for Laravel

Ladep was designed for deploying the projects written by Laravel Framework. In other words, Ladep can only works for the projects written by Laravel framework.


Ladep transmits all data via SSH, it's extreme secure because SSH provides a secure channel over an unsecured network between client and servers. Learn more about SSH.

Deploy with one-key

With powerful Ladep, you'll be able to easily build your project by specified tag/version from the git repository, and then, deploy it to multi-server with one-key.

Rollback with one-key

At any time, you can rollback your project to any tags/versions deployed by Ladep before for multi-server with one-key. All will be done in seconds, automatically.

Compress/confuse JS

Goodbye gulp.js, goodbye Grunt. Now, the only things to do for compressing and confusing JavaScript is adding ladep=1 to HTML tag <script>, there's nothing else to do. So, it's totally transparent to developers.

Compress CSS

The same things for compressing CSS, you just need add ladep=1 to HTML tag <style>. That's all, it's totally transparent to developers again.

Fetch exception logs

With more considerations, Ladep can also help you fetch Laravel exception logs from multi-server for all projects with one-key. So, you can easily diagnose all of your projects without logging on the remote servers.

View status

Ladep help you list all tags/versions of your project from multi-server with one-key. So, you can easily see all tags/versions and which tag/version is on service without logging on the remote servers.

Protect DB accounts

All database connection parameters will be assembled automatically while your project was being built on deployer server. And, Ladep assembles them for develop, pre-production and production servers individually.

$ curl -LSs | sudo php
$ wget -O - | sudo php
Source code
Take a look at the code on github and see what we are up to.
Or, you can use the following command to clone Ladep from GitHub:
$ git clone